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Fire Preparedness

Fire Prevention at HafnerSince last year's Kincade Fire reached our hillsides, threatening the winery, vineyard and homes, we have taken many actions to prepare for future fires. Fire officials suggest two main goals for preparing for a wildfire: 1. Create “defensible space” and 2. “Harden structures”.  We took these recommendations and made several changes that we hope will help when the next wildfire comes our way. California has experienced devastating fires these past years. Five out of the six largest fires in California history occurred just this year. As the climate continues to become drier and hotter with stronger winds, we can only predict that massive fires will continue. All of us on the West Coast and in many other areas are faced with this annual challenge. Together, hopefully, we can work to make a difference.


"Welcome to Hafner" Virtual Tasting

Welcome to HafnerFor almost four decades, we’ve been honored to be many patrons’ “secret winery” that they share with friends and family. Since travel and group gatherings are no longer part of our 2020 plans, and patrons aren’t able to visit us here, we decided it would be fun to bring Hafner Vineyard into people’s homes…virtually. We invite you to watch the recording of our virtual tasting where we shared some history, introduced the team, tasted a few wines and had a lively Q&A session.


Summer Patron Stories

Summer StoriesAt the start of June, we asked patrons to share with us stories and photos of their Summers, knowing that this year would be different. We have been touched by the emails we received. One told of toasting a socially distanced wedding with our Chardonnay. Another shared highlights from an anniversary dinner where a 1994 Cabernet was opened. As fire evacuations reached her home, another patron sent a photo of a 2005 Cabernet she opened with friends who welcomed her family into their home. Although this Summer wasn't what most of us had planned, these stories and photos highlight the quiet evenings and milestone celebrations in the time of COVID.


Fire Update

Glass Fire SmokeWhen we closed our "Fire Update" blog for the Walbridge Fire, we noted that we hoped that it was the only fire blog for the year. That was in August, at the beginning of fire season. Here we are at the end of September with a new "Fire Update" blog; this time about the Glass Fire. A new way of life for California. We have been touched by the calls and emails from patrons, friends and family concerned about our safety with this fire. We are safe. The Glass Fire is not a threat to us here in Alexander Valley, although it is devastating parts of Napa Valley and the hills of eastern Santa Rosa. On our blog, we share resources for you to monitor the fire's development.


Fall Releases Virtual Tasting

Fall ReleasesWith the release of our 2018 Chardonnay and 2016 Next Red, we thought it would be fun to taste them virtually with patrons. Virtual talks have been a nice way to “be with you” in your home during these uncertain times. This tasting also gave us the opportunity to dive deeper into the wines and winemaking practices. You can watch the recording of our conversation here.