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Hafner Vineyard

Rose of Malbec


Crisp, Dry Rosé Made in the Provençal Style

Our Rosé is made of Malbec grapes from our Alexander Valley vineyard and follows the Provençal Rosé winemaking style – producing a wine that is fruit-driven, crisp and bright. The juice is fermented cold (at 50° F) in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank to retain its fruity components. We carefully monitor its fermentation rate, color and acidity to ensure that the wine is fruit-forward and well-balanced.

Thanks to the characteristics of Malbec, our Rosé has bright fruit aromas of watermelon, strawberry and rose petals. It is rich on the midpalate with a clean, fresh finish and has a strawberry hue. Bottled in February, five months after harvest, we release our Rosé in April just in time for Summer.

Unlike our other wines, the growing season has less impact on Rosé because it is intended to be enjoyed when it is young and fruity. We begin drinking Rosé during the Summer months. It always reminds us of family trips to Provence. We also enjoy it in the Winter. We invite you to learn more about how to make Rosé of Malbec

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