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Our Patrons

Wine Direct from Us to You!

Hafner patrons are the best!

For almost forty years, our patrons have been enjoying Hafner wine and sharing it with their friends and family. It's a wonderful community of people who live throughout the country, coast to coast, north to south.

When a new person becomes a Hafner patron, they often tell us that they learned about our wine through friends or their parents (or grandparents!). It is a strong community of those who spread the word of Hafner: neighbors sharing with neighbors, parents introducing adult children to the wine, colleagues at work letting others in on “their secret winery”.

One of the wisest decisions that we made when we began was to minimize the distance between our winery and our patrons - no distributors, no retailers, just us! Doing this has enriched our lives for nearly forty years with many relationships than span multiple generations. We feel privileged to have a role in the anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgivings and other holidays that our patrons celebrate. And that includes the quiet Thursday evening at home, sharing a bottle of Cabernet and Chardonnay, enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

We hear from our patrons every day, many times, and we love it! Photos from patrons of their Hafner wine add fun to those conversations, emails and letters. Throughout the website, you will see some of the wonderful photos we've received from patrons. Thank you for that!

Every day when we come to work, we think about how grateful we are for our patrons and what a fun community it is we have. Thank you!