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Standing Case Orders

Thank you for your interest in our wines. We’ve noticed that each vintage has been selling more briskly than the last. If you know you'd like a specific wine each year, we suggest you create a Standing Case Order.

Patrons select whichever wines they’d like (Cabernet, Reserve, Rosé, Chardonnay or Next Red) in any case quantity. These orders (as well as the Annual Tasting Program) are the first filled when a new wine is released.

We generally ship Standing Case Orders one week after the Tasting Packages are sent so that people have the opportunity to taste that vintage before their cases arrive. As always, these ship dates are flexible to accommodate your schedule.

The Standing Case Orders are confirmed by a letter each January and patrons are welcome to change their Order at any time. We also remind patrons about their order shortly before cases are shipped.

If you would like to create a Standing Case Order, just send us an email or give us at call at (707) 433-4606. We’ll arrange exactly what you'd like and take care of all the details.

Thanks again!