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Meet the Team - Dogs

Hi there! We are the four Hafner Vineyard dogs, and we thought that while everyone is “sheltering in place” it is time you officially meet us. We hope you enjoy a little levity in your day. And if you have a dog (or cat or any pet) toss them an extra biscuit for us! We know it can be tough sheltering in place for you humans, but think about us! Now we have to share our homebase with you all.

Name and family:
Annie (A), Parke and Sarah Hafner
AnnieSophie (S), Scott Hafner and Bill Glenn
SophieVineyard Dog Satanas (VDS), Antonio Ordaz-Flores, Benito Mendiola and the vineyard team
SatanasMillie (M), Kate, Martin and Marie Bernal-Hafner
MillieNumber of years at Hafner Vineyard:
A: almost 7 years
S: 9 years
VDS: hmmm… that’s up for debate. The vineyard team thinks I’m between 13 – 15 years old and have been here since a puppy. That makes me anywhere from 91 to 105 years old!
M: 3 years

Department/Role: overall morale boosters but more specifically…
A: Patrolling the ranch with long walks, sampling grape ripeness, cleaning spilled grape juice during Harvest
S: Monitoring the office, greeting visitors, warming the couches when no one is looking (especially Parke’s favorite spot)
Sophie on CouchVDS: Helping the vineyard crew, controlling the Jack rabbit population, barking to show the coyotes and foxes who is boss
M: Entertaining Ricardo and French interns, assisting with clean up on the crush pad during Harvest

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
When we go to sample grapes, I prefer riding in the vineyard Mule like people rather than running behind it.
Annie in MuleS: I love riding in the car with my head out the window. When Scott and I make deliveries of Hafner wine, I often receive love and attention from patrons and restaurant owners. They almost forget about the wine.
VDS: Even with my short legs, I am extremely fast and sneaky. So fast that I can catch a Jack Rabbit. The vineyard crew predicts I catch one a week. (The other dogs chase the rabbits but can never catch them.)
M: I’m obsessed with catching the light of a flashlight. The best place to play the game is in the caves with Ricardo, Parke or the French intern. I have a special bark and tail wag just for this game, and I could stare at a flashlight for hours, hoping that someone might swing it around for me to chase.
Millie and the Flashlight

Favorite local restaurant: We don’t have to go far… the dog biscuit jar in the office.  
Dog Biscuits

What’s your perfect weekend day look like?
A and M: Going for a vineyard walk or hike on the hill. We try to get as dirty as possible which then requires our parents to take us for a swim in the creek or a dip in the pool.
Dirty DogsS: Waking up early and going outside. I run the fence line on all four sides of our two acre property. I don't know why I do it, but it is in my genes. Then a walk at a regional park to enjoy the beauty of Sonoma County. Followed by a long afternoon nap (or two!) in the sun and of course a drink of water from the birdbath. Yum!
Sophie and Bird BathVDS: Doing what I do best, patrolling the ranch and sunning myself in the afternoon, maybe checking on the neighbor’s property as well.

What’s the best part of being part of the Hafner Vineyard team?
My favorite part is being able to go on long extended walks. Sometimes Sarah and I walk from our house to the winery to deliver design work. At the end of the day, I always insist on going for a walk, often with Millie too, and we hope to cross paths with either Satanas or Jasper and Huxley (the vineyard manager’s two dogs).
Millie Satanas and AnnieS: I love hanging out with everyone in the office and getting to meet new people who come visit.
VDS: The best part is feeling like I’m part of the vineyard crew. I go everywhere with them. Each morning Benito greets me with a dog treat or piece of bread, so I’m particularly loyal to him. Ricardo made me a really nice dog house, and Antonio feeds me meals. It’s a group effort… I love everyone.
M: The best part is being with the people, especially those who give me belly scratches. I love rolling onto my back because people can’t resist. Sometimes I can even convince Uncle Scott to pick me up and let me lay on his lap during Break.
Millie and ScottWhat’s the most exciting time of the year at Hafner Vineyard? Harvest… lots of people to play with and grapes to eat.

What’s the best part of living in Sonoma County? Getting to run around outdoors!

Personal motto or saying that you live by: Biscuits for all!

Favorite day of the year: everyday!

What’s the craziest/funniest job you’ve done here?
A: One day at Break, the sales team was talking about how busy the phones were and they joked that maybe I should help them. I agreed and even put the head set on. No one called in that moment… luckily!
Annie and PhonesS: As you may have learned, I LOVE people and I LOVE playing with people. My job is to greet visitors, and I am excellent at it. Occasionally though, we have a visitor who doesn’t want to bounce and jump around with me. I just don’t understand that! I try to encourage and welcome these submissive folks but to no avail. Then I get put in detention (aka an office with a door), so the guest can “sip coffee quietly”. What?! That is no fun!
VDS: During the fires of 2017, we were being evacuated from the ranch. I really do not like getting into cars and was not about to get over that fear (I’m surprisingly agile and quick, making me nearly impossible to catch), so I chose to stay and watch over the vineyard. Later, a sheriff came by to make sure everyone was gone. I tried to hide but to no avail. The sheriff coaxed me into his cop car (I mean who wouldn’t want to see the inside; it looked cool!) and took me to the shelter. I had a few days there to make some friends, and they gave me a bath and combed me. Yuck! I was very happy to see Antonio when he came to pick me up, and I was even happier to get back to the ranch and roll in the dirt!
M: I have learned that one of my most important jobs is ensuring that the young French interns stay in shape when they are here (mid-July through mid-October). My exercise regime for them revolves around chasing them. I either chase them around the caves and bark loudly when I cannot catch them. Or I chase the flashlight when they are topping the barrels. Or after work I dive into the pool and race them back and forth. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Even though I’m a tough coach, they take a liking to me.
Millie and Pierre   Millie and Artie
Since everyone loves puppy photos, share one of your cutest moments with us:
Annie as a PuppySophie as a PuppySatanas as a PuppyMillie as a Puppy