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Holiday Photo Challenge

Thanks to all our patrons who shared photos of Hafner. We appreciate it. Cheers!

Patrons across the country shared photos of enjoying Hafner during the Holidays.


From all across our country came photos of our patrons with their families and friends celebrating the Holiday Season. Their pictures brought the warmth and spirit of those special gatherings to all us of at the winery in Alexander Valley. We are greatly honored that the wine we make here was chosen for your Holiday celebrations.

The photos add to the feelings we have for our patrons and this nation of ours. When delivery trucks leave the winery, we know our wine will be going to patrons in Maine and Florida, Alaska and Hawaii and all of the other states. These photos deepen that feeling of community and unity.


Our thanks to our patron photographers for sharing their photos with all of us which are shown here. We are grateful to our patrons for including Hafner wine in their festivities and for their longstanding patronage of our wine. We send our best wishes for this New Year.