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Hafner Holiday Patrons 2016

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Hafner During the Holidays

It was a happy Holiday Season here and elsewhere. We are honored that Hafner wine was shared in all corners of the country. Patrons opened bottles for festive celebrations or quiet nights at home or even in restaurants. We heard that Hafner was enjoyed by families who have been buying it for decades, sharing it with multiple generations…and Hafner found its way to new homes thanks to patrons who gave it to their friends and colleagues.

And a special treat for us were the many emails and photos that patrons sent of these celebrations. The photos remind us of how lucky we are to be in close contact with our patrons. It is a deep honor knowing that you enjoy our wine during the Holidays. Thank YOU. 

Above are some of the photos people sent us or that patrons shared on social media. Below are some highlights. (To see others, click here.)

 Holidays with Hafner 1
A third generation Hafner patron receives a bottle from her birth year on her 21st birthday

Holidays with Hafner 2 
A family in Missouri created the ultimate Hafner Cabernet pyramid

Holidays with Hafner 3 
As the clock struck 12am, second generation patrons toasted the New Year with a 1989 Hafner Cabernet

 Holidays with Hafner 4
Mollie the Cat had impeccable taste in gifts this Holiday Season

Holidays with Hafner 6 
Patrons dining on Christmas Eve found a 2005 Hafner Cabernet on the wine list 

Holidays with Hafner 5A judge’s decision? Hafner Cabernet is the perfect gift for Christmas dinner

Holidays with Hafner 7
When the power goes out, this couple knew how to make the most of it…cards and Reserve Chardonnay