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Summer Session Virtual Tastings

At the beginning of June, we hosted “Summer Session”, our Friday evening series of virtual tastings focused on a specific grape variety. These “classes” were a fun way to explore our wines, their aromas and flavors, how they are made and more with patrons near and far. Each tasting was an hour. Scott Hafner welcomed patrons and introduced them to the HV Team. Winemaker Parke Hafner and his wife Sarah (the best palate in the house) tasted through the wines, and we shared some fun videos to help take people behind the scenes here at Hafner Vineyard. We closed the session with a lively Q&A that I hosted where patrons were able to grill Uncle Scott and Dad/Parke about all things wine. 

Below you will find a description of each tasting along with the recording. When we held these live, we included a few polls for patrons to share their thoughts and opinions. These are not visible in the video, but Scott comments on the outcomes. 

Thanks to all who joined us. It was very fun to be with you.

If watching these prompts questions, just let me know and we’ll get you the answers.

Dive Deep into Cabernet Sauvignon
We tasted the 2007, 2012 and 2016 vintages.
We explored how Hafner Cabernets age and develop. We started in the cellar, sharing how we make the wine and tasted the three vintages, comparing their aromas, flavors and the impact of aging them. We shared how we do a vertical tasting and gave tips on cellaring and opening Library wines. 

Comparing Chardonnays
We tasted the 2017 main and Reserve Chardonnays.
Patrons often ask, “Why do you make two Chardonnays from the same vineyard?” We compared the two styles and explained how the winemaking techniques differ. We took a virtual visit to DAMY cooperage in Meursault to see how barrels are made. Then we heard from Paolo Bouchard, a second generation barrel importer, who explained the history of barrels and some fun facts. Winemaker Parke took us into our wine caves and shared the benefits of aging wine in caves and the impact of barrels on a wine. 

You Had Me at Malbec
We tasted the 2020 Rosé and 2014 Next Red.
Malbec is unique grape; while prominent in Argentina, it is not found widely in Sonoma County.  We make two wines from Malbec – Rosé and Next Red. We explained how the two wines are made, why we chose Malbec, and we visited the Malbec blocks with vineyard manager David Huebel.