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Our Virtual Harvest Talk

September in Wine Country is exciting with vineyards abuzz. It’s Harvest time! We often welcome patrons and friends to the winery in September who want to experience this season when our cellar is full of action. This year is different…for all of us. We have not had the pleasure of visitors as we are taking precautions because of COVID-19. Instead, we found a fun way to bring Harvest to you…virtually!

On September 1st, we invited patrons to tune in to hear from Winemaker Parke Hafner and Vineyard Manager David Huebel about the 2020 Harvest. They talked about prepping for Harvest, the benefits of being estate bottled, why we pick by machine, what a day in the life of a vineyard manager is like and a preview of the 2020 vintage. We also had a fun Q&A with viewers.  

We thought it might be fun to share the recording in case you missed it. During the talk, we offered a few quizzes for people to take. Those quizzes are not visible during this video, but instead you’ll hear the results. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about Harvest.

This certainly is not the same as a visit in person; however, it is a fun substitute as we are able to share images and dive deeper into specific topics. These virtual experiences have been a fun way for us to connect with patrons at home and proven to be entertaining. We invite you to learn more about upcoming virtual experiences here. You are also welcome to email us with questions or thoughts.

We look forward to the day when we can welcome you here in person, but until then, thanks for joining us online!