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Share (verb): To participate in, use, enjoy or experience jointly.

When brainstorming for a hashtag (A hashtag is a word or phrase used on social media to identify a topic or trend.), we received wonderful ideas from our social media Hafner fans. They gave us crafty, wild, fun and yes…humorous phrases. But the theme that continually wove its way through was community and sharing of Hafner wine. We are grateful to our patrons who share their Hafner with friends, family and colleagues.

Daily we hear stories from you all about a special bottle you enjoyed or that your gift of Hafner “knocked the hostess’ socks off”. Your kind words and appreciation for the wine is what makes each day very rewarding for us.

Whenever a new person purchases Hafner, we always reach out to them and ask how they heard of us. We are always curious to learn how people found our small family winery. Nine times out of ten, they found us because of YOU. You gave them a gift of Hafner wine. You served Hafner at a wedding. You enjoyed it with them around your dining room table. In one way or another, YOU shared it with them.

So when it came time to choose a hashtag for everyone to use when posting photos of their Hafner, we came back to the notion of sharing. We invite (and thank you) for using #shareHafner.

We toast you! And thank you for sharing your Hafner in so many ways.