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Handwritten Gift Notes

Penmanship... you either learned it in grammar school or you are of the generation who did not. I’m of that generation who had to learn it. A particular English teacher, who shall remain nameless, was a stickler for proper, neat and legible handwriting on every assignment, all before computers were common of course! Does that date me??
Sandy Handwriting Gift NotesIn my time at Hafner Vineyard, I have used what I once thought was a ridiculously unnecessary skill A LOT. Every holiday gift and all the other gifts in between, 80% of them I have written. Sarah, Laurie and Kate help write them as well.

We use acronyms here regarding Gift Notes on gift orders. “HT” stands for “Happy Thanksgiving”, “MC” equals” Merry Christmas”, “HB” is for “Happy Birthday”. You get the idea. Early in my time here at Hafner Vineyard, I came across “HA”, which should be translated as “Happy Anniversary”. In MY family that means “Ha! Got you!” So I wrote it that way. Needless to say, I’m fairly certain there was some confusion for the recipients and hopefully they had a bit of a chuckle!

Although my hand gets tired during the Holiday Season, I often imagine these lucky gift recipients opening their gift of wine and reading a handwritten note. That's something certainly very unique and personal in this day and age. 
Handwritten Gift Notes at HafnerThere are always some “Awww” moments when the note is just too sweet. Here are a couple of our favorites…

 “Just because you do so much for me! Love, Mom”

“Dad, Happy Sipping! Love Carrie” from a loving daughter

“May the Hafner tradition continue!” from a grandparent to an adult grandchild

And on the lighter side…

“Don’t drink it until I get there, or else! Love, Grandpa” to a grandchild before a wedding.

“Keep on curling! Lots of love, Barbie” to a favorite hairdresser.

“Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you!” from a patient to The Best Dentist.

“Don’t forget this gift when you’re choosing an old folks’ home for us in the future 😉. Love, Mom and Dad”

My recent favorite:

“Santa Lives!” No signature…I guess he is real!

And my note from me to you… “Happy Holidays! May there be a glass of Hafner wine in your future. Cheers!”