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Holiday Photo Results

In early November, we launched our Hafner Vineyard Holiday Photo Competition and invited patrons to send us pictures of family and friends (including themselves) enjoying Hafner wine. We were impressed with the number of photos we received from all corners of the country – from California to Dallas to New England, Atlanta to Omaha to Rochester, and many places in between. Even London!

The smiling faces, beautiful table settings and delicious family meals remind us of the joy of working directly with patrons. It is such a pleasure for us. Thank you for including our wine in your daily lives and Holiday festivities.

With over 100 entries, it was quite challenging to choose “winners”. We had planned to select the top six, but no surprise here, Hafner patrons are overachievers and blew it out of the water with enthusiasm and enjoyment of Hafner wine. Thank you!

Here are the top photos with extra credit going to these with many bright smiles and evidence of Hafner wine.
Holiday Photo WinnersWe were touched by the stories that accompanied the photos:

  • Multiple generations of Hafner patrons (and hopefully passing that tradition onto future generations HV patrons too young to enjoy the wine now)
  • A dear photo of a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary
  • Group of friends toasting newlyweds
  • Hosting family for the first time in a newly purchased home
  • Selecting a Library Cabernet from a well-stocked cellar to share with family
  • Raising a glass to honor the birth of a grandchild

Hafner patrons enjoyed all the Hafner wines with the inaugural vintage of Blanc de Blancs a highlight as well as Library Cabernets and large format bottles. All six Hafner wines were enjoyed by patrons through the Holidays. Here is a small selection of them. 
Holiday TableThe common thread through all the photos was joy. The loud boisterous joy of a full household bordering on chaos. The simple joy of a couple having a quiet dinner together at home. The joy of showing off one’s parents to friends, and showing off friends to one’s parents. The abiding joy of being deeply connected by family and friendship.

We are honored to witness this and humbled that Hafner wine can add to this joy.