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50 Years, 50 States & You

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary and summer vacations, we have launched a photo contest: “50 Years...50 States...and You”. We thought this would be a fun opportunity to celebrate our patrons, our anniversary and our country. The goal is to take a photo that includes you and your friends, your state (or one you are visiting) and Hafner wine. The photo should capture something unique and iconic about the state. It could be a building or natural landmark, the state flower, a local cuisine or perhaps even a state personality. Be creative! But it needs to be recognizable. Here are a few examples:
Hafner TravelsThe photo must include a bottle of Hafner (doesn’t need to be open) and would be even better if you and friends are in it. The deadline to submit photos is Labor Day (September 4th). Please email Scott ( your photo(s) and let us know when and where it was taken. Or share them on social media with the hashtag #HafnerTurns50.

Each week, we will update the map below to show how many photo submissions we’ve received in each state. We will choose one winning photo from each state, so if you’re in a state with fewer entries, there’s a good chance you could win!
Hafner US MapOver the next few months, we will also share a selection of the photos we’ve received on the blog, so check back frequently or subscribe to our blog. (When you submit a photo, please know that we may be sharing it online, so if you prefer we do not, please tell us.) 

The winners will be announced in mid-September on our blog, and each will receive a prize from the Wine Library.

We hope you have fun. We’re excited to see your submissions. Thanks for joining us in celebrating our 50th anniversary and we raise our glass to all of you!

Any questions? Please let us know.

Now, grab a bottle, some friends, a camera and head out! Good luck!