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Dream Job

People often say to all of us here: “You have my dream job!” They explain they would love to taste wines and walk the vineyard on a daily basis. Working close to the land in a beautiful agricultural setting strikes a chord with them. Being part of a small team that makes fine wine and gets it directly to patrons is a desirable occupation.

The most pleasurable part of the job for many of us, however, is our interaction with you, our patrons. And a great example of this are the delightful photos patrons send us and post online.

Recently patrons sent us photos of them enjoying….

  • Three generations of longtime patrons in the Sierra Foothills
  • Reserve Chardonnay to go with a salad of home grown arugula and tomatoes

 Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 1   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 2

  • A cool bottle of Chardonnay at the beach on Nantucket
  • Rosé with longtime friends at Jazz on the Green in Omaha, Nebraska

Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 3   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 4

  • The New York Philharmonic in Central Park with 2010 Cabernet
  • Literary companionship and Rosé for their monthly Book Club gathering in Portland, Oregon

Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 5   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 6

  • A fresh-from-the-garden dinner in New Hampshire accompanied by a Wine Library Cabernet
  • A 2006 Cabernet on the first night of a High Sierra backpacking trip at 6800’

Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 7   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 8

  • Fresh summer fruit and crème fraiche with a 2002 (!) Reserve Chardonnay
  • College roommates, lifelong friendship, husbands and Reserve Chardonnay in Maine

Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 9   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 10

  • A comparative tasting of Cabernets by old friends in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Fresh crawdads and 2010 Cabernet in Maryland

Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 11   Hafner Patrons Summer Photo 12

Our deep thanks to the patrons who sent these photos, and others, for sharing their Summer with us.