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Photo Contest Winners

Boy are Hafner patrons creative, well-travelled and fun!

To mark our 50th anniversary, earlier this Summer we launched the "50 Years, 50 States & You" Photo Contest. The high point of our Summer was receiving the emails and photos that arrived every day from patrons across our country. Thank you!

Patrons were often creative, and sometimes sneaky, in identifying the state where the photo was snapped. Palm trees in FL, corn fields in IA, potatoes in ID, maple syrup in VT. Park signs and road markers were clear identifiers, as were iconic buildings and landmarks. Several families, seized by the competitive spirit, packed Hafner wine on multi-state trips. We all smiled broadly thinking of passers-by driving on freeways watching fun and smiling people posing in front of state "welcome" signs.

The eclipse last month captured many patrons' imagination and sparked their creativity. The results were amusing and astounding and reached us minutes after the eclipse passed overhead.

Being on the receiving end of so much fun was a blast!  

But what was particularly moving was seeing that our wine is privileged to play a supporting role in so many gatherings of families and friends: 

  • many birthdays, including the 101st birthday of a favorite great aunt; 
  • a camping trip to the wilds of The Trinity Alps with camping gear upon which was posted the label from our 1985 Chardonnay, the favorite of a dear patron now long gone but whose sons keep it there to remind them of their father; 
  • excursions by families (often three generations strong) whose great joy is simply being together; and 
  • several photos of quiet times shared by couples, thoughtful and romantic, one from their wedding this Summer but most seasoned by decades of companionship. 

The photos were fun, exciting and humbling. We count ourselves so fortunate to have such loyal and enthusiastic patrons.

And we are excited to share the winning photograph for each state below (in alphabetical order by state code). We received submissions from 42 states and the District of Columbia!
Photo Contest Winners

Here is the final map outcome with all the submissions:
Final Contest Map