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Hafner Vineyard

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Photography Field Trip

Years ago when we were in school, field trips were always a source of great excitement. Last Friday, that feeling came back, except we were the attraction! Graciella Juarez, assistant winemaker Ricardo’s oldest daughter, is exploring her interest in photography through a class at her high school. When the teacher suggested a field trip was an order to test the class’ new skills, Graciella told Ms. Calson that she might have just the right place…Hafner Vineyard! What an honor for us!

Cloverdale High Photography Class visits Hafner

The Cloverdale High School photography class arrived here last Friday. Before we set out to explore and capture life at Hafner Vineyard, Sandy (our talented photographer) gave the class a bit of her background and how she was able to turn photography (a passion of hers) into part of her career…and the importance of her photos that are now displayed prominently on our website. (Read more about Sandy here.) She also gave the class a few tips on photographing in the caves, which is particularly challenging because of the limited light.

Student photo of the cavesBy a CHS student photographer

The kids wandered through the caves, adjusting their shutter speeds, getting down on their hands and knees to capture numerous artistic photos. We then explored the winery, where some were intrigued by the black light that attracts bugs, while others photographed winemaking equipment like hoses and pumps.

Cloverdale High captures the vineyard colors at Hafner.   Macrophotography by CHS at Hafner Vineyard
Outside, the class roamed the vineyard and grove, snapping expansive views of the vines changing colors and close-ups of nature.

Student photo of the vineyard rows   Student photo of the vinesStudent photo of tree   Student photo of leaves

By CHS student photographers

Near the end of their field trip, a surprise guest made a cameo appearance…one of the cows! He was curious to see what all the action was about and came trotting down the hill, then posed for his portrait.

The cow makes a debut at the CHS photography field trip.

It was a very fun morning for us…and hopefully the students too! Perhaps a few even saw the potential in making photography a career. The young, vibrant energy was contagious reminding us of our childhood and those fun field trips we all looked forward to. Our thanks to Cloverdale High School Photography Class and Ms. Calson for making our Friday more exciting. We sure are grateful for the enthusiasm of our youth and our vibrant local community.

Vista at Hafner Vineyard in Alexander Valley