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"Summer Moments" Photo Competition

Summer is generous with longer days, warmer weather, the chance to be out of doors, and more time with family and friends. We hope your Summer has moments that feel singular and sweet, where you are captivated by a good book or have the chance to catch up with old friends or find yourself on the beach or shore and time stands still, or enjoy the restorative quality of being in nature. And we hope that Hafner wine is a beneficial accompaniment.
Summer Moments

We’d love to see how you capture that special Summer moment!

Here are four delightful submissions in the competition to give you some ideas:
San Francisco BayPizza and Rose PicnicQuiet MomentsLeah's Summer

Meredith Angel Island

Summer Boat

To join the fun and be part of the competition, please

  • Send us a photo capturing your Summer Moment with Hafner wine present,
  • Let us know what the qualities are that make the moment special for you, and
  • Explain who is in the picture.

Just email

The contest will close on September 6th, the day after Labor Day.

We look forward to sharing the results with everyone in late September!

Thank you for being a part of the creative photo posse of Hafner Vineyard!