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2020 Cabernet Harvest

Harvest is always a fun and exciting time of year when a lot happens. It’s the culmination of a year’s work for the vineyard team and the start to a new vintage for the cellar team. During the Cabernet Harvest of 2020, we wanted to take you behind the scenes here at Hafner Vineyard to share with you that excitement.

We put together a film that documents the picking of grapes through fermentation. You’ll get an authentic look at the life of a vineyard manager with David Huebel who documented moments throughout Harvest – the first night pick, calibrating the machine harvester and of course that final day and last row of grapes harvested for 2020. Then I followed winemaker Parke Hafner (aka Dad to me) through the winemaking process from the moment that he and the cellar team receive the grapes through fermentation. We hope you enjoy it.