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Holiday Photo Competition

Everyone loves a fun competition, no one more than gregarious and photogenic Hafner patrons. We’ve launched our 2023 Hafner Vineyard Holiday Photo Contest and hope you’ll join. It's a fun way to toast the Holiday Season with family and friends.

Please email us a photo that captures the joy of your Holiday Season with Hafner wine in the frame. Send your entry to

Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Make sure the photo is in focus and crisp.
  • Everyone loves seeing people! While not required, including family and friends (and even pets!) in the picture makes capturing happiness a snap.
  • We are honored to have Hafner on your Holiday table! Many a hostess or host has sent us a picture of their dinner table, set and sumptuous, with Hafner wine displayed.
  • We also love creativity and fun... so we look forward to seeing what makes your Holiday Season joyful.
  • Send us your photo by January 2nd and we’ll include it in the Photo Competition. Six photographs will be chosen three days later with (drinkable) prizes sent to the lucky winners. 

Thank you for being a part of the community of Hafner patrons and joining in the fun. We look forward to sharing the results by mid-January.
Photo Competition