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Holiday Photo Contest

Capturing fun, photographically, has never been easier thanks to our smart phones. And that it’s easier than ever to be a contestant in the Hafner Holiday Photo Competition!

We invite you to send photos of your Hafner wine that fall into one of the three categories:

  • Community
  • Fun
  • Peace

Your photos should capture that word or feeling. Email your photos to and if it is for a specific category, let us know. 

Hafner patrons are endlessly creative and whimsical and we are excited to see to everyone’s submission. In mid-January, we’ll share the top photos in each category and look forward to sending (drinkable) awards to the winners.

As the cold and shorter days approach, know that we will be warmed by seeing the smiles of patrons and their family and friends, as well as the Holiday settings that illustrate the special quality of these weeks.

We toast your creativity! Let the fun begin!
Holiday Photo Contest