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Barrel Tastings

Wine Tasting Alexander ValleySpring is a beautiful time in the Wine Country in Sonoma County's Alexander Valley with vines entering their growth spurt and the hills still green from Winter’s generous rain. Here at Hafner Vineyard, it is a fun time for us, gathering with patrons for the Spring Barrel Tastings, which is one of the ways we say, “Thank you for your patronage” to members of the Annual Tasting Program (our wine club) and case buyers from the previous year.


Wine for Wedding Gifts

Hafner Wine at WeddingsFinding the perfect gift for newlyweds can be daunting. Selecting off a registry is an obvious and safe choice but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to give something unique, something thoughtful, something we love, and something that they can enjoy to kickoff the new life together. Recently we’ve noticed Hafner patrons have found their solution to the perfect wedding gift… the Annual Tasting Program (our wine club). Wines come throughout the year, right to the newlyweds’ doorstep. It’s fun for the gift giver to give and the newlyweds to receive, giving them the opportunity to think back to their wedding.


Cork & Capsule Recycling Program

Cork and Capsule RecyclingHere at Hafner Vineyard, we are always looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and create less waste. We try to look at each step in the process: growing grapes, making wine, bottling it and shipping it to you. Then we consider the final waste… the empty bottle which many people recycle, plus the capsule and the cork. We recycle those as well and we wanted to invite you to join us. Introducing our cork and capsule recycling program! All you need to do is follow a few steps in sorting your corks and capsules, box them up and ship or deliver them to us.


Sediment in Wine

Sediment in WineWe are often asked, “What is the sediment in my glass and why is it there?” As Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Gerard Basset explained, “They are harmless by-products of wine, and some equate their presence as a mark of quality, in that the wine has not been overly manipulated in the cellar." Tartrate crystals, often referred to as “wine diamonds”, come from tartaric acid which is one of the three acids naturally found in grapes. 


Holiday Photo Results

Holiday Wine PhotosIn early November, we launched our Hafner Vineyard Holiday Photo Competition and invited patrons to send us pictures of family and friends (including themselves) enjoying Hafner wine. We were impressed with the number of photos we received from all corners of the country – from California to Dallas to New England, Atlanta to Omaha to Rochester, and many places in between. Even London! No surprise, Hafner patrons are overachievers and blew it out of the water with enthusiasm and enjoyment of Hafner wine. Thank you!