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Holiday Gift Notes

Each year as the Holidays draw near, and the cold, wet weather sneaks in, I start to anticipate the many, many Holiday gift notes sent by you with gifts of wine to friends and family across the country. And how I get to sit by the office fireplace, all cozy and warm, to write them!

My English teacher insisted on clear and legible penmanship. On every assignment. Needless to say, she was not one of my favorite people, but I sure did learn a lot from her…including penmanship.
Handwritten Gift NotesI do get help in writing gift notes from Sarah and Laurie, and I’m so very grateful…as are my fingers!
Gift Writing NotesIt is always fun to see (and write!) what people say to their friends and family and I’m looking forward to seeing what folks say this year, especially with Covid19 in our midst. Here are a few clever ones:

"Here's your Covid-19 taste and smell test kit!" 

"You may only take your mask off to taste the wine."

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Put a fork in 2020. It's done!"

"Let's drink to 2021!"

Here are some of my favorites from past years:

"Junior, Please remember this gift when choosing an old folks home for us. Love the old folks."

"Mom, Enjoy your special day knowing how much we adore you! Love, your kids."

Sometimes just “Enjoy!” or “Cheers!” with no signature…I hope the lucky recipient knows who sent it!
Sandy Gift Notes2020’s favorite so far happened in early November. I answered the phone while working down in the shipping area. I asked the patron if I could give him a call back in a few minutes when I had gotten back upstairs. I called him just a short time later only to find out that in the time it took me to get back upstairs he had a new granddaughter and a new name for the gift note…Granddaddy! Such a joyful moment, and I can’t wait to write his gift notes!