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"Summer Moments" Photos

Wow! Hafner patrons sure know how to enjoy Summer, in addition to taking great photos and telling engaging stories!

What fun for us to get brief windows into patrons’ Summers and the special moments that make life meaningful and rewarding. And the photos capture every point of the compass, stretching everywhere in the United States. Every Hafner wine added to the fun: Rosé, both Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Next Red. The photos showed celebrations large (anniversaries, weddings, graduations, new car purchases) and small (many quiet evenings savoring sunsets, the view, a loving spouse, and dear friends).

Hafner wine is meant to add pleasure to one’s life, and we are honored that these photos and patrons show that has been accomplished.

We had anticipated selecting the top 10 but there were so many wonderful entries that we increased the number of winners to 11. 

We hope you enjoy these award-winning photos as much as we did and our sincere thanks to all who sent photos.
Hollywood BowlPorsche PurchaseGrandmother DinnerNorth Carolina SummerGonzaga GradMeredith Angel IslandQuiet MomentsSummer BoatPizza and Rose PicnicLeah's SummerSan Francisco Bay