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How to Prune a Grapevine

Now that Winter is here, we are in the midst of what is arguably the most important job in the vineyard…pruning!

Although it is hard work, many on the team say that this is their favorite job of the year because they bear great responsibility. With each cut, they are determining the potential crop for that year.

They make quick decisions of where to cut taking into consideration:

  1. How close it is to the permanent structure of the vine
  2. What direction will it grow and whether it interfere with other spur positions
  3. How vigorous the spur position and vine are

It’s remarkable to think that these decisions will ultimately impact the wine that is in your glass in the coming years.

We are extremely lucky to have a veteran crew who know the vineyard intimately. Many have pruned these same vines for two, three and almost four decades!

Now, come join me in the vineyard and I’ll show you how we prune a vine.