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Holiday Photo Results

Holiday Wine PhotosIn early November, we launched our Hafner Vineyard Holiday Photo Competition and invited patrons to send us pictures of family and friends (including themselves) enjoying Hafner wine. We were impressed with the number of photos we received from all corners of the country – from California to Dallas to New England, Atlanta to Omaha to Rochester, and many places in between. Even London! No surprise, Hafner patrons are overachievers and blew it out of the water with enthusiasm and enjoyment of Hafner wine. Thank you!


Holiday Photo Competition

ThanksgivingEveryone loves a fun competition, no one more than gregarious and photogenic Hafner patrons. We’ve launched our 2023 Hafner Vineyard Holiday Photo Contest and hope you’ll join. The goal is to capture the joy of your Holiday Season. It is always fun to see photos of Hafner patrons enjoying their wine throughout the Holiday Season. Here are a few details. 


Holiday Entertaining Tips

Holiday Wine TablesAs the Holidays approach, many of us find ourselves thinking how to make gatherings with family and friends even more festive and fun. Looking for that “little something extra” that makes an evening even more special. I suspect that many of you, like me, look to others for inspiration and advice. I reached out to a very creative group of friends and patrons who always host memorable and enchanting parties. I thought you might enjoy hearing the ten top ideas that my “experts” shared.


Gratitude to Laurie

Laurie at HafnerIf you’ve called us on the phone in the last 35 years, most likely you spoke with Laurie. If you visited us here at the winery sometime since 1989, chances are Laurie greeted you. It is increasingly rare that someone devotes the majority of their professional career to one business but we have been lucky that Laurie has, and Hafner Vineyard and our patrons have been the beneficiaries. And now, Laurie is “retiring” to enjoy a more leisurely pace and not having to get up so early each morning! Laurie shares a few stories from her long time here at Hafner Vineyard. 


Gift Giving

Hafner Vineyard Team HolidaysDuring the Holidays, we are constantly moving fulfilling gift orders of wine destined to homes across the country. We are tickled by the sweet notes that arrive from gift givers sharing why they give Hafner wine. These are wonderful reminders to us! It brings us pleasure knowing that we are helping to make patrons’ Holidays more exciting and joyful. Here we share just a few of the reasons why people give Hafner wine. Thank you for your kindness. We are honored to help with patrons' Holiday gift giving.