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Holiday Place Cards

I truly love the Holidays, the entire Holiday Season from Halloween to New Years. It’s not that I love the actual Holidays, but rather the joy and pleasure that the Holidays bring. For me, the Holidays mark the end to our long days of harvest and provide a time for us to catch up with family and friends. Whether it is a simple lunch for 6 or Thanksgiving dinner for 24, I enjoy it all. To make each meal fun and entertaining, I make place cards with the name on the front and a secret on the back – like “Please help clear the salad course” or “Change places with George before dessert”. Place cards help organize the wild crew that is my family. I thought you might enjoy a place card template to use this Holiday Season. I hope your Holidays are filled with love and laughter.


There are two illustrations for the place cards - either the present or the celebratory table. The cards are intended to lay flat on the table, not be folded in half. 
Christmas Placecards