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French Intern Jonas

Jonas at HafnerWe have a longstanding intern program that began in 1985 when a friend of a friend asked if we would host a French enology student. A few years earlier, Sarah and I were interns in Burgundy and realized how impactful an internship could be, so it was easy for us to say “Yes!” Fast forward to 2023 and we welcomed our 38th intern…Jonas Armagnacq to our winery and our home. He has quickly become part of the family both at home and at the winery, bringing hard work and a lot of laughter to our days. 


Vineyard Update

Vineyard UpdateThis growing season in Alexander Valley and all over Sonoma County has been a bit unique. That's what makes farming fun and interesting... no two years are the same. Vineyard Manager, David Huebel, gives an update on the grapes and shares his harvest predictions for vintage 2023. The headline: "It has been late and will continue to be late."


Winery Tours & Tastings

Wine Cave TourAlthough a bit unique in the blooming wine hospitality industry of Healdsburg and Sonoma County, we typically only host tours and tastings twice a month. Every visit is led by a family member and most of the time, it is me. We take pride in what we do, and we want to be the ones who share our story with patrons and guests. We feel it is the gracious thing to do. It reminds us of our visits to small wineries in France. We typically spend about 90 minutes talking about the vineyard and winemaking practices, all the while enjoying various wines. 


Meet the Team - Quinn

Meet Quinn"Meet the Team" is our blog series that introduces each of the Hafner Vineyard team members. We answer a series of questions about ourselves and our time at Hafner Vineyard. Quinn Bulloch is our newest HV member at the winery joining the sales/marketing team. A Healdsburg native, she's come back home after five years teaching English in Spain. An avid baseball fan and chef, she enjoys spending time with her family. 


Making Rosé

Hafner RoseFor me, nothing says Summer like a glass of chilled Rosé…it reminds us of a trip to Provence where we discovered Rosé back in 1985. After a long day at the winery, we enjoy sipping Rosé on our terrace with family and friends. Our Rosé program began as an experiment to intensify the color of our red wines. In 2011, we began making it for our patrons and due to its popularity, we now make 50% from saignée juice and 50% is made direct to press. It is made of Malbec which gives it intense fruity components with a little bit of structure.