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Gratitude to Laurie

Laurie at HafnerIf you’ve called us on the phone in the last 35 years, most likely you spoke with Laurie. If you visited us here at the winery sometime since 1989, chances are Laurie greeted you. It is increasingly rare that someone devotes the majority of their professional career to one business but we have been lucky that Laurie has, and Hafner Vineyard and our patrons have been the beneficiaries. And now, Laurie is “retiring” to enjoy a more leisurely pace and not having to get up so early each morning! Laurie shares a few stories from her long time here at Hafner Vineyard. 


2023 Growing Season

Growing SeasonNo two years in farming are the same. Mother Nature is everchanging, impacting how we do things. This year's growing season is no different. Vineyard manager, Dave Huebel, shares how the 2023 growing season is so far, changes that he's made given the amount of rain and a new technique for sowing seeds in our insectary rows. Check out his video with highlights from this Spring. 


Eliminating Plastic Ties

Tying at HafnerOur most recent effort in the vineyard to reduce our carbon footprint was to eliminate the use of plastic ties. We tie vines to establish the exposure of the fruit to the elements. In the past, we had used plastic ties but this year, moved to using twine. We also use a Pellenc tying machine for our cane pruned vines, which is most of the vineyard. Often in looking for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, we discover new things. Sometimes that pushes us outside our comfort zone, but if we are open to exploring new options and being flexible, we realize that we can change and adapt for the better. At the end of the day, we want to know that we are doing all we can preserve the environment and do the right thing.


A View from Above

Hafner VineyardA few years ago, Uncle Scott encouraged me to become a “drone pilot”, so we could have some unique photos from above. This certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but the end result is always fun and dramatic. In my most recent flight, I took a number of photos, but one stood out to us. We work closely as a team between vineyard, cellar and sales. Everyone has a unique perspective given their role and experience, so we wanted to see what various team members thought of this photo and what they see. 


A Weekend in Mendocino

Mendocino TownThe charming coastal town of Mendocino was a favorite weekend getaway for my grandparents, Mary and Dick Hafner. They shared their love of the Mendocino coast with us, so my husband and I try to make an annual trip there. We've heard from patrons visiting us that they are often on their way up the coast to Mendocino, so we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites with a Weekend Itinerary in Mendocino.