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Hafner Vineyard

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Cave Watercolor

Hafner Vineyard WatercolorI have painted the cave entrance before; the focus then was springtime and the blooming of the dogwoods that grace the entrance. This time, I wanted to portray a day at work with both doors open and the stacks of barrels that sometimes seem endless. First I take several photos from different vantage points and together with Scott, we decide on the perspective. I've painted barrels many times before, so those were not the challenge on this project. Instead it was the rock wall and its varying shades of grays and greens. You'll see someone made a guest appearance in the watercolor as well!


Summer Session Virtual Tastings

Virtual Tasting at HafnerAt the beginning of June, we hosted “Summer Session”, our Friday evening series of virtual tastings focused on Cabernet, Chardonnay and Malbec. These “classes” were a fun way to explore our wines, their aromas and flavors, how they are made and more with patrons near and far. Each tasting was an hour. Scott Hafner welcomed patrons and introduced them to the HV Team. Winemaker Parke Hafner and his wife Sarah (the best palate in the house) tasted through the wines, and we shared some fun videos to help take people behind the scenes here at Hafner Vineyard. We closed the session with a lively Q&A that I hosted where patrons were able to grill Uncle Scott and Dad/Parke about all things wine. Watch the recordings here.


Farming Malbec

David Huebel MalbecMalbec is a fun grape and unique, particularly in Sonoma County. Argentina is well known for its Malbec being the largest producer in the world with over 76,000 acres planted. In comparison, Sonoma County has about 400 acres planted and much of that is blended into Cabernet Sauvignon or red blends as is most common in Bordeaux. We thought it would be fun to share a short film about growing Malbec here at our ranch in Sonoma County's Alexander Valley. You'll learn about our three blocks, why I enjoy farming Malbec and when to expect Harvest. Hope you enjoy it! 


HV Neighbors

DeerWe have 250 acres here in Alexander Valley. Of those about 100 are cultivated to vines on the valley floor. The rest are oak woodlands in the hills that we leave for the wildlife. We often wonder what critters call this land their home. Occasionally we’ll cross paths with a deer (often two!) or see a jack rabbit dart through the vineyard or an egret fly to the creek or even a coyote trot up the hillside. We know there must be more, so we set a wildlife camera in various locations around the ranch, hoping to catch a glimpse of the animals. I also took some drone footage high over the hills and created a short film for you to see our furry and feathered neighbors. 


Meet the Team - Efren

Efren Caranza"Meet the Team" is our blog series that introduces each of the Hafner Vineyard team members. We answer a series of questions about ourselves and our time at Hafner Vineyard. Efren Carranza is the newest member to the vineyard team, but you wouldn't know it with his over 30 years working in Sonoma County vineyards. He is dedicated to his family and aside from his hobby of gardening, he spends weekends fixing old trucks and painting them with his kids.