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Cover Crop

Hafner Vineyard SoilOut in the vineyard, we try to use the most natural and sustainable techniques possible. Soil health, both nutrient richness and soil structure, is a crucial component to strengthening the vineyard. The primary way we achieve this is by planting a cover crop. A cover crop is a mix of legumes and beans that fix nitrogen into the soil and increase biomass. Cover crop planting and cultivation requires many steps. One of the most challenging parts is working with the weather Mother Nature provides. No two years are the same. 


Meet the Team - Javier

Javier at Hafner"Meet the Team" is our blog series that introduces each of the Hafner Vineyard team members. We answer a series of questions about ourselves and our time at Hafner Vineyard. Javier Castellanos joined the HV vineyard crew two years ago and quickly learned how the team works together. He turned to veteran member Antonio for guidance when working with our split canopy. In Javier's spare time, he enjoys exploring the towns of Sonoma County and spending time with friends. Something you might not expect... he likes dancing! 


A Day in Cloverdale

Alexander Valley CloverdalePatrons often ask what they should do when they visit Wine Country, so we like to share some of our favorite insider tips to the area - things that locals like to do. Cloverdale is my hometown - the northern most town in Sonoma County, located in the Alexander Valley wine appellation. With just over 8,800 residents, we have a bounty of activities - many restaurants, tasting rooms, fun shops, a very popular coffeehouse and nice stroll along the Russian River. Here is my itinerary for a day in Cloverdale.


Sonoma County's Sustainable Goals

Hafner Vineyard Alexander ValleyIn 2014, the Sonoma County Winegrowers set a goal of being the first county in the country to have 100% sustainably farmed vineyards. Since Day One at Hafner Vineyard, we have focused on minimizing our impact on the environment and farming our 100 acres with the intention of preserving the soil's health for future generations. We were excited that the Winegrowers had sparked this movement, so we joined them. Annually the Winegrowers publish a Sustainability Report detailing the county's progress. We are honored to be included... twice! 


Former Interns in Bordeaux

Grace and RomainI have been living in Bordeaux studying for my Masters in Vineyard and Winery Management. While I'm here, I have had the opportunity to see a number of our former interns. Some of them are working in the wine industry, while others visit Bordeaux for vacation. I've enjoyed dinners with them, worked for one and even run into another on the streets. Alexander Valley can feel far away, but anytime I see one of them, I feel instantly at home. It's been very fun to continue the friendships with them - some for over two decades.