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Fire Update

Walbridge FireIt seems too early in the “fire season” to be starting a Fire Update Blog, but here we are. Thank you to all who have emailed or called with concern for us. We deeply appreciate it. We want to share a brief update with you and a few information resources. The Walbridge Fire is the fire closest to Hafner Vineyard at the moment. (It merged with a smaller fire called the Stewarts Fire, so you may see reference to that.) The firefighters and local authorities are doing an amazing job. It’s incredible the countless hours that they are committing to keeping us all safe. Resources are stretched thin as so many fires are burning across the state, so we are deeply grateful to those men and women who are putting their lives on the line for our communities.


Meet the Team - Scott

Scott Hafner and Sophie Dog"Meet the Team" is our blog series that introduces each of the Hafner Vineyard team members. We answer a series of questions about ourselves and our time at Hafner Vineyard. My niece, Kate, has been after me for years to participate in her wonderful "Meet the Team" series that highlights each of us. Finally I succumbed. Teaser: my favorite day of the year is any day that I have a glass of wine with Dad. 


Decanting Wine

Decanting Cabernet SauvignonDecanting (pouring the wine from the bottle into another vessel, typically a decanter) is a simple, but careful process. It can be intimidating knowing when to decant a wine and when not to. Here I share three reasons for decanting a wine and hopefully they help shed some light on any confusion. Everyone's tastes and opinions are different, so my goal is to share with you what I know about decanting and aerating wines as well as the science behind it. Then it's up to you to have fun and do some experiments tasting the wine as it aerates in a decanter. 


EV Chargers

Electric Car Charger at HafnerHere at Hafner Vineyard, we are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint - whether it be sourcing 100% local and renewable energy, shipping all packages carbon neutral (at no cost to our patrons), being certified sustainable in the vineyard and winery or  always trying to do the right thing. Thanks to an incentive offered by the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control Board, we installed two electric car chargers that are available to employees, patrons and suppliers when they visit. 


How Chardonnay Ages

Hafner Chardonnay Vertical TastingOften, I am asked “How long do you age your Chardonnays?” And my answer is always a bit complicated. I do say that our Chardonnays can age easily for five years from the vintage date, but wine is a personal preference. It’s like asking “do you like your steak rare or well-done”; only you know what you prefer. Wine is a bit more complicated than beef, but there are some basic tenets that you can apply and decide what you prefer. Chardonnay, when young, has a bright, lively fruit driven quality that is quite enjoyable. As it ages, the bright, crisp citrus notes become more complex and developed.