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Gift Bags...

Gift Bags for WineIt's a Rorschach Test! What do you see? A familiar and beautiful watercolor painted by Sarah Hafner of our winery built in the classic 19th century California barn style? The lovely blue skies that Sonoma County is blessed with so many days each year? Maybe Lily...the eternally sweet yellow Labrador resting in the shade on a warm day? For me, I see all these but foremost I see the generosity of our patrons. We had these gift bags made in response to patron feedback about tissue-wrapping our Reserve Chardonnay. Patrons spoke of how much they enjoy sharing their Hafner wines with family and friends. You can imagine how grateful we are for that! 


Photography Field Trip

Cloverdale High GroupYears ago when we were in school, field trips were always a source of great excitement. Last Friday, that feeling came back, except we were the attraction! Graciella Juarez, assistant winemaker Ricardo’s oldest daughter, is exploring her interest in photography through a class at her high school. When the teacher suggested a field trip was an order to test the class’ new skills, Graciella told Ms. Calson that she might have just the right place…Hafner Vineyard! What an honor for us!


Autumn Vineyard Colors

Vineyard Colors during AutumnThis weekend the vineyard colors and sunlight here in Alexander Valley were so striking that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap some aerial photos. After Harvest, the vines slowly start to go dormant. Before their leaves drop, they put on a spectacular display of colors ranging from green, yellow, orange, auburn and even bright red. This Saturday showed the first signs of that.


Benefits of an Estate Vineyard

Parke Hafner during Chardonnay Harvest.As all winemakers know, winemaking starts in the vineyard. Having our winery at the southeast corner of our vineyard (30 feet away!) ensures that I’m out in the vineyard frequently. That, in my opinion, has a great impact on wine quality. Check out a short video of David and the machine harvester picking Malbec right in front of the winery. 



#shareHafnerShare (verb): To participate in, use, enjoy or experience jointly. 

When brainstorming for a hashtag (A hashtag is a word or phrase used on social media to identify a topic or trend.), we received wonderful ideas from our social media Hafner fans. They gave us crafty, wild, fun and yes…humorous phrases. But the theme that continually wove its way through was community and sharing of Hafner wine. We are grateful to our patrons who share their Hafner with friends, family and colleagues.