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After the Fires

Pocket Fire SheriffAs many know, we were evacuated on Friday, October 13th, due to the looming Pocket Fire. While we were preparing to leave, my husband, Martín, suggested I set our game camera at the entry of the winery. That way, when we returned, we could see if any firefighters came or any wildlife fled the hills for safety in the vineyard. Upon our return a few days later, I promptly forgot about the camera. Instead, I left it rolling for the next week. The camera continued to roll and captured life at Hafner Vineyard. I was struck by the routine that resumed. Read more to see some of the photos. 


Meet the Team - Chema

Chema"Meet the Team" is our blog series that introduces each of the Hafner Vineyard team members. We answer a series of questions about ourselves and our time at Hafner Vineyard. Even after 22 years, Chema still enjoys the jobs that are fast paced. He's the guy the team turns to when they need to set trellis wires because he walks very briskly with a skip in his step. Might be from all the dancing he likes to do! Something people might not know...his son, Chemia ("Little Chema") also works at Hafner Vineyard with him. 


Fire Update

Fire UpdateAs many people now know, our community has been affected by a number of fires that broke out on the night of Sunday, October 8th. Since then, each day keeps us on our toes. We are situated between the Pocket Fire to the north and the Tubbs Fire to south. We have been monitoring them hourly, if not more frequently. We are using this blog has a way to share daily updates to what is happening. Please continue to check in and learn what is happening. We are so grateful for the thousands of firefighters and public service employees who have rushed to our area to keep us safe. 


French Intern Guillaume

Guillaume DavidAfter a very fun three months, Guillaume’s harvest internship comes to a close. His stay has been particularly special to us as he brings the Hafner Vineyard Internship Program into the second generation! His father, Ludovic David, now the General Manager at Château Marquis de Terme, a Grand Cru Classé winery in Margaux, was our intern in 1990. Twenty-seven years later, Guillaume continues the Hafner intern tradition. It’s been a pleasure for us to have Guillaume at the winery and also in our home. He has a great sense of humor making us all laugh whether it’s at the winery break time or around our dinner table.


Photo Contest Winners

Hafner Photo Contest WinnersTo mark our 50th anniversary, earlier this Summer we launched the "50 Years, 50 States & You" Photo Contest. Patrons were often creative, and sometimes sneaky, in identifying the state where the photo was snapped. Palm trees in FL, corn fields in IA, potatoes in ID, maple syrup in VT. Park signs and road markers were clear identifiers, as were iconic buildings and landmarks. Several families, seized by the competitive spirit, packed Hafner wine on multi-state trips. We all smiled broadly thinking of passers-by driving on freeways watching fun and smiling people posing in front of state "welcome" signs. See who the winners are!