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Meet the Team - Kate

Kate HafnerPatrons regularly tell us that they enjoy hearing about the two dozen members of the Hafner Vineyard Team…those in the vineyard and in the winery…and elsewhere! So we thought it might be fun to share with you a little more about each of us. We invite you to join us as we “Meet the Team” – the people who grow, make and sell Hafner wine. When you make a suggestion like this series to your Uncle (Scott Hafner) and he accepts, you then are the guinea pig… so here we go!


Our Pricing Philosophy

Wine PricingThinking about selling Hafner wine for 30 years, I recently asked Mom and Dad, "What would you say is our pricing philosophy?" "To make an honest living," Mom said. In a business, core convictions that keep one focused and oriented in a consistent manner are a great help. When those business priorities parallel personal ethics, the direction is even clearer. To make “an honest living” in this sense means respecting the wine, our patrons, our staff and the family. At the end of the day, not only do we feel great about the quality of Hafner wine, but also that we are able to offer these wines at such a strong value.


Night Harvest

Night HarvestOur Chardonnay Harvest is a wrap! We started picking on Tuesday, September 6th and finished just four days later. Each day at 4am, the vineyard team and I gathered at our shop, started the machine harvester and headed out to the block we planned to pick. At first, only our headlamps and the bright lights from the machinery light the way. It’s an incredible time of day. The cold brisk air, roaring engines, darkness all around us. I am anxious to start picking each season, but once we get going, I find that I’m calm. With each row, we have a sense of accomplishment. We’ve nurtured the vines over the entire year and now we see the bounty and results of our hard work.


Our French Intern

Guillaume - our French internA new set of hands has been working with Ricardo and me in the cellar for the past couple of months. He’s fun and he’s French…he’s Guillaume, the intern! He arrived in California on June 10th and lives with my wife, Sarah, and me on the property here in Alexander Valley. Guillaume has been helping Ricardo and me in the cellar as we get ready for harvest. He and Ricardo make a great team. I often walk into the caves and hear them working away, but also laughing hysterically. Guillaume said he’s teaching Ricardo a few choice French phrases and Ricardo’s helping him perfect the art of Mexican Spanish. Read more about Guillaume's adventures!


Malolactic Chardonnay "Starter"

Harvest 2016 at Hafner VineyardIt's here! Today marked the first (though unofficial) day of the 2016 Harvest. Each year, the vineyard crew handpicks a small amount of Chardonnay, so that we can create a malolactic “starter”. This is a similar idea to how bakers make sourdough bread. We grow a small batch of malolactic bacteria which will in turn be used to inoculate larger lots. Eventually we will inoculate about 40% of our main Chardonnay and 100% of the Reserve Chardonnay.