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Special Bottles

Friendsgiving with HafnerSpecial wines are shared for special occasions. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, not hidden away in a cellar. So we encourage you to open and share those bottles that you’ve been holding. We’d love it if you share your experience with us! Send us photos of the special bottles (perhaps with you and friends) that you enjoy in the coming weeks and you'll be entered into our drawing.


Gift Bags...

Gift Bags for WineIt's a Rorschach Test! What do you see? A familiar and beautiful watercolor painted by Sarah Hafner of our winery built in the classic 19th century California barn style? The lovely blue skies that Sonoma County is blessed with so many days each year? Maybe Lily...the eternally sweet yellow Labrador resting in the shade on a warm day? For me, I see all these but foremost I see the generosity of our patrons. We had these gift bags made in response to patron feedback about tissue-wrapping our Reserve Chardonnay. Patrons spoke of how much they enjoy sharing their Hafner wines with family and friends. You can imagine how grateful we are for that! 



#shareHafnerShare (verb): To participate in, use, enjoy or experience jointly. 

When brainstorming for a hashtag (A hashtag is a word or phrase used on social media to identify a topic or trend.), we received wonderful ideas from our social media Hafner fans. They gave us crafty, wild, fun and yes…humorous phrases. But the theme that continually wove its way through was community and sharing of Hafner wine. We are grateful to our patrons who share their Hafner with friends, family and colleagues. 


Holiday Photo Challenge

Patrons enjoy a Hafner magnum of CabernetFrom all across our country came photos of our patrons with their families and friends celebrating the Holiday Season. Their pictures brought the warmth and spirit of those special gatherings to all us of at the winery in Alexander Valley. We are greatly honored that the wine we make here was chosen for your Holiday celebrations.


Our New Look

Welcome to our new website! It was brought to life by feedback from patrons and implemented by Scott and Kate, with photographic expertise from Sandy. In fact, everyone at HV helped in one way or another. The goal was to allow patrons to see more of what’s happening here by increasing the size and frequency of photos, reducing what viewers have to read, simplifying the order process and creating a way to share stories with patrons and friends on a weekly basis. We hope that you enjoy the changes and welcome any thoughts you have.