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New Capsules

Hafner Reserve ChardonnayYou may have noticed a small change to the capsules on our Reserve Chardonnay. The capsule isn’t just to provide a clean, secure covering for the also provides the clue to what’s inside. Since our first bottling of the 1982 Chardonnay, we’ve printed the vintage year on the end of the capsule to help patrons identify the vintages in their cellar. Beginning with the 2014 Reserve Chardonnay, we’ve added another identifier to help patrons. 


Hafner Patrons' Holidays

Hafner PatronsNovember and December find us busily shipping gifts to patrons’ families, friends and colleagues across the country. And also to patrons themselves for special Holiday gatherings. Late December and early January always bring happy evidence of those earlier orders. The big winner this year? Hafner Cabernet and especially magnums! We received photos of wine lovers enjoying Hafner Cabernets from 1996, 2000, 2006 and 2011. Check them out!


Our Pricing Philosophy

Wine PricingThinking about selling Hafner wine for 30 years, I recently asked Mom and Dad, "What would you say is our pricing philosophy?" "To make an honest living," Mom said. In a business, core convictions that keep one focused and oriented in a consistent manner are a great help. When those business priorities parallel personal ethics, the direction is even clearer. To make “an honest living” in this sense means respecting the wine, our patrons, our staff and the family. At the end of the day, not only do we feel great about the quality of Hafner wine, but also that we are able to offer these wines at such a strong value.


Next Gen BlogEach July, a little reminder pops up on my calendar at work: “Next Gen Ahead! Start brainstorming!” This notification sets off excitement across the entire Hafner Vineyard team. When I joined the team four years ago, Uncle Scott charged me with cultivating my generation and bringing in new patrons. One way we do this is by hosting a gathering here in Alexander Valley each October that we call our Next Generation Harvest Party. What I am always excited about is seeing how many of the “Next Gen-ers” are children or grandchildren of longtime patrons. They’ve grown up with Hafner wine on their family tables, just as I have. It reminds me that we are in it together


'11 Cabernet on its Way

Cabernet Shipping at HafnerOn February 15th, we breathed a sigh of relief as the UPS driver closed his truck door, gave a wave, and headed out with the first load of 2011 Cabernet Tasting Packages. They arrived to Annual Tasting Program patrons’ homes throughout that week. Watch Steve, Ricardo and others in action as build, personalize and load the Tasting Packages into that first UPS truck. Our thanks to all of you in the Program. We sure appreciate it! And to make our thanks for tangible, we hope you find the surprise from the Wine Library in your Tasting Package.