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Hafner Vineyard

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Holiday Gift Tags

Handmade gift tags for the HolidaysFor me, personalized and handmade gift tags enhance the wrapping and make the gifts more enticing. We thought it would be fun to share one of my gift tag templates that you can print and use this Holiday Season and throughout the year. They are great for any gift and wine too. These are some of my favorite watercolors. Enjoy!


Holiday Watercolor

Hafner HolidaysFor many years, the front door of Mary and Dick’s Berkeley home has graced the cover of our Holiday gift offering. When Scott suggested that I update the cover by creating a new illustration, the subject of gathering around the table for Christmas dinner came to mind. Dinner with family and friends is always a highlight to our Holiday Season. 


Spring Photography

Vineyard PhotographyEvery season here in Alexander Valley is special, and this time of year is no exception. Right now when I walk with my friend in the early mornings, I realize Spring is here. The air is fresh and crisp. The sunrises are often brilliant pink turning to orange and then yellow with wispy clouds. The sounds of birds chirping as we make our way through our small town. At Hafner Vineyard, I enjoy photographing Springtime because the vineyard and hillside are covered in my favorite color…vibrant green! The most dramatic photos are when the young leaves have just pushed from their buds and catch the rays of sun.


Watercolor California Poppy

California PoppyA few weeks ago as I walked through the vineyard with our dog, Annie, my eye caught sight of a lone Eschscholzia californica, a California poppy. It caught me by surprise, because poppies typically start blooming here in the Spring. It was a bit tattered by the rain, but it stood out amongst grasses with its vibrant orange hue. When I returned home, inspired by its defiance of Winter, I decided to paint a botanical rendering of it.


'90 Cabernet for a Celebration

Hafner Cabernet from Alexander Valley - Jeroboam vs. 750Big bottles mean big celebrations and in our family, a big bottle means a jeroboam, it’s the equivalent of 6 regular sized (750 ml) bottles! What would be better to celebrate my father’s 90th birthday than a jeroboam of Hafner Cabernet? I looked through my cellar and found a 1990, which was an excellent year here at Hafner Vineyard. A 25-year-old wine! There is a theory that the larger the bottle, the slower the aging process. To test that, I went down into my cellar and found a 750 ml bottle of the same vintage.