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Natural Beekeeping

Natural BeekeepingWhat the heck is “natural beekeeping”?! After a class at Shed in Healdsburg with Ariella Daly, Martin and I were sold on natural and sustainable beekeeping. It takes a holistic and hands off approach. We use a top-bar hive made from Bee Built in Oregon because they are deeply focused on reducing environmental impacts. A main difference between conventional and natural (or sustainable/organic) beekeeping is the comb. Natural beekeeping allows the bees to build their own comb as they would in nature, instead of living in pre-built plastic comb. It has been very fun learning about bees and their community. They are teaching us patience and reminding us that we share this land with many other species. 


Tips from a Somm

Alexis IaconisChoosing wine from a restaurant list can be hard and intimidating! We asked our friend and favorite sommelier Alexis Iaconis if she might have some tips about how to do that. Currently, Alexis is the Wine Director at Barndiva in Healdsburg and a sommelier at The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley. She is also studying for the Master Sommelier exam, so needless to say, she knows a thing or two about restaurant wine lists. Here she shares three tips on selecting a wine while dining out. 


Team Favorites

Team FavoritesThe Holidays are always an exciting time for us here at the winery. Orders fill our mailbox. Emails with gift requests stream in through the computers. The phone begins to ring constantly. It’s fun for us to help patrons select the perfect gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Through the excitement of the Holiday Season, we often discuss with each other which gift we would give (or want to receive!). We thought it would be fun to share which are our favorites and why. And we couldn't resist including which gift of wine we would want to unwrap. 


Holiday Place Cards

PlacecardsI truly love the Holidays, the entire Holiday Season from Halloween to New Years. It’s not that I love the actual Holidays, but rather the joy and pleasure that the Holidays bring. Whether it is a simple lunch for 6 or Thanksgiving dinner for 24, I enjoy it all. To make each meal fun and entertaining, I make place cards with the name on the front and a secret on the back. Place cards help organize the wild crew that is my family. I thought you might enjoy a place card template to use this Holiday Season. 


Host a Cabernet Vertical Tasting

Parke Hafner Tasting CabernetExplaining in writing how our wines age can be difficult to comprehend. Actually tasting the differences between vintages gives you a chance to see the aging process in action. That is why we often have vertical tastings, both at the winery for education purposes and at home with family and friends. Inspired by my internship in France, I aim to replicate their style of winemaking by making wines that both age well and pair well with food. Enjoying a vertical tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect way to experience this. Here I share five tips on how to host your own Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical Tasting.