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Handmade Gift Tags

I love the Holidays; I always have. Our Christmas traditions began in my childhood with the annual trip to across the Bay to admire the City of Paris tree, enjoy a clubhouse sandwich at Blum’s and watch San Francisco Ballet perform the Nutcracker. Although the City of Paris and Blum’s are long gone, our tradition continues. When our girls were young, our first stop was always Santa’s workshop where they would both quickly backpedal and refuse to sit on his lap. Now we enjoy window-shopping trying to determine what each person truly covets for Christmas.

Handmade gift tags for the Holidays

What I love most of all is the spirit, the joy of Christmas; my goal is always to create or find the one gift that will bring a true smile to the recipient’s face. While some people think of wrapping presents as a chore, I relish it. For years, I have created my own Holiday handmade gift tags (which became the impetus for designing the Hafner Vineyard gift tags.) In past years, many of you have received our gift tags. We thought it might be fun to share with you a template of gift tags that you can print and use this Holiday Season. Click here to download them. And for those on the Annual Tasting Program, look forward to a new collection of printed gift tags coming your way in February.