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Hafner Vineyard

2017 Main & Reserve Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)

2017 Main & Reserve Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)
Price: $64.00

These are the two wines we will taste in our virtual tasting "Comparing Chardonnays" on Friday, June 11 at 4 pm PT. 

Patrons often ask, “Why do you make two Chardonnays from the same vineyard?” Winemaker Parke Hafner will compare the two styles and explain how the winemaking techniques differ. He will also answer:

  1. How does barrel fermentation affect wine?
  2. What is malolactic fermentation?
  3. Why do you age Chardonnay in barrels? (Hint: it isn’t just about the flavor of the oak.)

After this tasting, you’ll know what a “neutral barrel” is and what to look for if a wine has gone through malolactic fermentation.

If you would like to join us, please RSVP to Kate to reserve a spot.