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Hafner Vineyard

2017 Chardonnay Tasting Package (2 - 750 ml)

2017 Chardonnay Tasting Package (2 - 750 ml)
Price: $38.00

The Tasting Package is always the best way to taste a new vintage. It’s two bottles at the lowest price...and allows you to try a vintage before ordering it by the case.

The 2017 Chardonnay is now sold out. Thank you to many patrons who stocked your cellars with it. The 2018 Chardonnay will be released in September 2020. 

If you would like to order some Chardonnay, we have a mixed Collection that you can order.

If you want to receive a Tasting Package of each new vintage automatically, join the Annual Tasting Program!

Thanks for your interest in our main Chardonnay!