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Hafner Vineyard

2016 Reserve & 2016 Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)

2016 Reserve & 2016 Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)
Price: $64.00

Two Chardonnays from the same vineyard, made in two different styles: the California-style Chardonnay with its crisp citrus aromas versus the Reserve’s French Burgundy-style with its more complex, rich bouquet. With three years of age, both are lovely and developed. A great introduction to Hafner Chardonnays or a fun tasting! This is a unique gift for Chardonnay lovers as both wines display different characteristics.

Each Collection includes Winemaker's Notes and a cork stopper, made in Portugal exclusively for us.

Read more about the Reserve Chardonnay or main Chardonnay winemaking techniques. When you order by the case, the value is even greater. 

When you order 10 or more packages in the "Gift Ideas" section, you receive a 10% discount on those items.