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Hafner Vineyard

2015 Reserve & 2016 Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)

2015 Reserve & 2016 Chardonnay Collection (2 - 750ml)
Price: $64.00

This Collection is a great example of the difference between our two styles of Chardonnay. These vintages also demonstrate the benefit of patient aging. Both these vintages are being served in top California restaurants.

The 2015 Reserve Chardonnay has notes of jasmine, Charentais melon, Comice pear and pink grapefruit. It is soft and supple on the palate with lemon cream and sweet vanilla flavors. It is lovely now and well developed.

The 2016 Chardonnay has aromas of Asian pear, lemon blossom, and grapefruit zest. Round and supple, it has begun to develop some flinty and toasted bread notes which give the wine a richness to the palate.