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Hafner Vineyard

2014 Next Red Magnum (1.5 l)

2014 Next Red Magnum (1.5 l)
Price: $110.00

This is the first time we have released the Next Red (our popular Malbec blend) in magnums. 

The 2014 Next Red opens with aromas of cola spice, fraises des bois, and blueberry with notes of violets, nutmeg, cassis and carpaccio. Nice richness and complexity throughout with flavors of Picholine olives, oyster shell and toasted vanilla. 

A double-size bottle is impressive and makes every gathering more festive. A magnum yields 10 - 12 glasses of wine. With Winemaker's Notes and a bar cap cork. 

Learn more about the 2014 Next Red here.

The magnum comes in a wooden box. If you prefer not to have the wooden box, just let us know in the "Additional Notes" field of your order, and we will deduct $6 from your order. 

When you order 10 or more packages in the "Gift Ideas" section, you receive a 10% discount on those items.