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2013 Next Red (750 ml) - SOLD OUT

2013 Next Red (750 ml) - SOLD OUT

1 - 11 bottles = $ 37.00/bottle
12 - 23 bottles = $ 33.00/bottle
24+ bottles = $ 29.00/bottle

The 2013 Next Red was released in September and received rave reviews from patrons. It sold out in a month! Thank you to patrons who stocked their cellar with Next Red and contributed to its success. To read more about how we make Next Red, click here

The 2014 Next Red will be released in September 2018. We expect it to sell quickly again. 

If you did not order enough Next Red but would like to ensure you receive some in the coming years, please email scott@hafnervineyard.com or call us and we can create a Standing Case Orders. These orders (along with those of the Annual Tasting Program) are always filled first.

If you would like to join the Annual Tasting Program so that you don't miss a vintage, sign up here