Hafner Vineyard

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Double Magnum (3.0 l)

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Double Magnum (3.0 l)
Price: $260.00

After thirteen years of patient aging, we are pleased to release our 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon in a Double Magnum. Impressive both for its age and size, the 2005 Cabernet Double Magnum is the equivalent to four regular size bottles. The 3 liter bottle contains approximately 20 to 24 glasses of wine. It comes in a handsome wooden box. Only 36 were made.

The double magnum will add fun and flair to any party. Patrons often build a special evening with friends around the double magnum.

The 2005 has notes of blackberries, plums, black pepper, licorice and forest floor. Full, chewy, rich. Flavors of mint, leather, nutmeg and dark chocolate add richness to the palate. The 2005 will continue to age well for another five years at least.

We recently enjoyed our 1989 Cabernet in a double magnum as a family, and we are very pleased to see how well it is aging. Our Cabernets benefit from bottle aging and the 2005 is a wonderful example of that.