Hafner Vineyard

2006 Next Red


2006 began with snow and continued wet through the Spring with 26 days of rain in March. Early Summer heat followed by mild temperatures allowed the vineyard to produce excellent fruit. The Malbec harvest came late beginning October 11.


To produce this vintage of Next Red, we fermented the juice with the skins to extract their color and flavor. CO2 gas (a by-product of fermentation) bubbled up through the skins causing them to float to the top, forming the “cap”. We pumped the juice from the bottom of the tank and sprinkled it over the cap throughout fermentation to ensure thorough extraction.

Following the Bordeaux tradition of extended maceration, the wine remained on the skins for another two weeks to soften its young tannins. Next the wine was moved into our caves for barrel aging. During its first Winter, the wine underwent malolactic fermentation to lower its acidity and add richness. After many tastings in the Winter of 2008, we blended 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petit Verdot with 80% Malbec. We continued to barrel age the wine until it was bottled in August 2008.


Our Next Red as always been a very popular wine, which means for us that we do not have any left for our Vertical Tastings. So here are the most recent notes we have from our Annual Vertical Tasting in March 2017: Violets, piccholine olives, juniper berries and bacon. Soft, bright fruit entry, lively on the palate with cola, rose petals and sweet toast flavors. 

Parke Hafner Signature

2006 Next Red

At Harvest:

24.9° Brix sugar
0.87 g/100 mls acidity
3.40 pH

At Bottling:

14.2% alcohol
0.61 g/100 mls acidity
3.68 pH